These Four Walls (New)

These four walls once held me bound. Kept me chained in like a bird in a cage. But these days, I’m a bird who is free. These four walls won’t keep me in because it’s not bigger than me. I will not look to myself for the resolution but the Giver of Life. My focus is no longer the walls but that which is higher than me. I will no longer allow pain, fear, hurt or hang-ups to hold me bound within these four walls. It won’t be easy but I will not bang my head against these walls and … Continue reading These Four Walls (New)

Let’s Go into 2018 Without Fear

  I use to make New Years resoultions, in hopes I would keep them but it really didn’t work for me. Instead of making resolutions now, I have one word that carries me through the year. This Word encompasses the whole person (spirit, soul and body) and from there I set small goals. I awake and the year plays in my mind. What I should have done, who I should have spoken the truth to. Today I am bombarded with that. I want to walkout of 2017 unafraid. Letting go of old feelings, being honest with what I feel. Earlier this … Continue reading Let’s Go into 2018 Without Fear


Even when they left the land of Egypt they still murmured and complained everyday, even though God was providing them food on a daily basis. A journey that should have taken a couple of days took them 40 years. Why would God allow this to happen? What was He trying to accomplish?  Although they were no longer in bondage (physical) they were still enslaved in their mind. God wanted them to have a new mindset. God wants us to be free in our mind. He came so that the captives could be set free. It was in Eve’s mind that the … Continue reading Bondage