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Psalm 139:1

A prayer:

Lord you search me and you know me. You know all about me. There is nothing that I do or don’t do that you don’t know about. You know the thoughts I think and the words that I’m going to speak before I even say it. I am truly amazed at this.

Lord, I ask for you help. For years I wanted to know just your power, so that I could see the miracles. Please forgive me. Lord I now want to know the person of the Holy Spirit. Lord, please help me to know your spirit as a person so that you can envelop all of me.

Lord, help my unbelief in the area of being physically and spiritually whole. May my heart be turned so that it comes after you. Soften the places of my heart that have been hardened. Wash away fear, doubt, or anything that is unhealthy and let the Holy Spirit come and reside in my heart today and forever.

Let your ways be my ways. May I truly follow you. Graft me into the branch so that I may stay joined to you and that your teaching will become apart of me. Lord, thank you for hearing my prayers.

In Jesus Name, Amen.

Faith, Life

It Is Me…

I’ve noticed that it is usually in my time of weakness that I tend to focus more on God. It is not that I have forgotten the Lord in my time of plenty it’s just that when I am weak you seem so much more closer. So I ask “Why is this so, Lord?”

As I ask, I hear His response. It only appears this way because in your time of weakness you are looking out for me more. You depend on me more, you seek for me more and you listen for me more. You see my child this is how it’s suppose to be all the time, not just in your time of weakness. Don’t let the cares of this world bog you down. Turn your cup up towards me so that it can be filled.

My Child it is me… that you need in both times of strength and weakness both plenty and need. I hold you and walk beside you. When it gets too hard I am the one who picks you up and carries you. So I am with you when you are on the mountain top and even when you find yourself in the valley.

  • It is me… that brings healing to your dry bones and causes them to come to life again.
  • It is me… that brings you a drink in the wilderness to quench your thirsty soul.
  • It is me… who sheds light into every dark area in your life.
  • It is me… who sees every tear drop, gives you a shoulder and wipes each tear dry.
  • It is me… who hears you in the still of the night.
  • It is me… who senses your darkest fear.
  • It is me… who is with you until the end.
  • It is me… who has shaped and formed you and made you so wonderfully complex.
  • It is me… I know how many hairs you have on your head.
  • It is me…  I know every beat of your heart.
  • It is me… who accepts you and loves you without condition.
  • It is me… I ask you to come just as you are.
  • It is me… wont you just go ahead and take my hand.

It is me with you through it all.

It’s me! Won’t you take me at my Word and see.

It has always been Me, your loving Father, Come and Drink from my well that never runs dry.