Psalm 139:1

A prayer: Lord you search me and you know me. You know all about me. There is nothing that I do or don’t do that you don’t know about. You know the thoughts I think and the words that I’m going to speak before I even say it. I am truly amazed at this. Lord, I ask for you help. For years I wanted to know just your power, so that I could see the miracles. Please forgive me. Lord I now want to know the person of the Holy Spirit. Lord, please help me to know your spirit as … Continue reading Psalm 139:1


Who is it that you’re expecting from? Each time you put people above me you get disappointed. People will fail you- children, husband, parents, friends. They are feeble. Their minds change at the drop of a hat. I never change. My love for you will never fail. Depend on me. Put your expectation in me. Pray to me, seek me, ask me. When you call on me I will answer. I will tug on your heart strings and cause you to change. Stop looking at others and expecting. Give it to me and look inward.  I am God that does … Continue reading Expectations