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Psalm 139:1

A prayer:

Lord you search me and you know me. You know all about me. There is nothing that I do or don’t do that you don’t know about. You know the thoughts I think and the words that I’m going to speak before I even say it. I am truly amazed at this.

Lord, I ask for you help. For years I wanted to know just your power, so that I could see the miracles. Please forgive me. Lord I now want to know the person of the Holy Spirit. Lord, please help me to know your spirit as a person so that you can envelop all of me.

Lord, help my unbelief in the area of being physically and spiritually whole. May my heart be turned so that it comes after you. Soften the places of my heart that have been hardened. Wash away fear, doubt, or anything that is unhealthy and let the Holy Spirit come and reside in my heart today and forever.

Let your ways be my ways. May I truly follow you. Graft me into the branch so that I may stay joined to you and that your teaching will become apart of me. Lord, thank you for hearing my prayers.

In Jesus Name, Amen.



Who is it that you’re expecting from?
Each time you put people above me you get disappointed.
People will fail you- children, husband, parents, friends. They are feeble. Their minds change at the drop of a hat. I never change. My love for you will never fail. Depend on me. Put your expectation in me. Pray to me, seek me, ask me. When you call on me I will answer. I will tug on your heart strings and cause you to change. Stop looking at others and expecting. Give it to me and look inward.  I am God that does not change.
Guard your heart for this is where all things come from. Protect it. Give it all to me and I will show you what to do. Fall into sink with my spirit and allow me to lead you to a place of rest. This is what I want for you my child. Rest in me. Expect only from Me your maker.