These Four Walls (New)

These four walls once held me bound. Kept me chained in like a bird in a cage. But these days, I’m a bird who is free. These four walls won’t keep me in because it’s not bigger than me. I will not look to myself for the resolution but the Giver of Life. My focus is no longer the walls but that which is higher than me. I will no longer allow pain, fear, hurt or hang-ups to hold me bound within these four walls. It won’t be easy but I will not bang my head against these walls and … Continue reading These Four Walls (New)


Have you ever been hurt or felt hurt? I believe that at some point in our lives we have been hurt by someone or something. It is either we have been hurt or done the hurting. The question is what do you do when you get hurt? For me it was easy to put up walls. It was either I would not allow myself to feel the hurt or wollow in self pity over the hurt. Early on I learned to put up walls to help protect myself from others and being hurt. Because of the many deep wounds I … Continue reading Hurt