These Four Walls

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These four walls box me in. They keep me from being who I need to be. I scream at the top of my lungs but no one can hear me because of these four walls. I have been hear for years and can’t seem to get out. These four walls are breaking me, but I will not give up nor will I give in for one day I will not be held back from these four walls. I will crush them one by one. We all have our four walls that keep us bound. Mine has been fear -fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of not being loved and fear of just being me. These walls will no longer keep me bound because I am free. Free to be who the creator has created me to be. To live in Him. Whatever your walls are start tearing them down so that you too can be free.

5 thoughts on “These Four Walls

  1. I really enjoyed this post because walls can represent so many things. They can be physical walls that enclose us or they may be emotional ones that shield us from unwelcome sights and sounds. Metaphorical walls also figure prominently in the age old discourse on seperation between church and state.
    My personal favorite is the way poet Robert Frost used both literal and metaphorical walls in his beautiful poem, Mending Wall. Although one of his earlier works, it’s rife with complex ambiguity.

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      1. Ok. I will send you a link on the directions soon. If you use your cell phone to download the photo, just open the site up through Safari and click on the photo and hit ‘save image.’ If you use a computer, just right click the photo and copy and save. It can be pulled up from your photos into your blog media.


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